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I wanted to share my experience regarding the construction of my steel building, which I believe will provide a good review of the process and highlight the efforts of those involved.

I initially purchased a PEMB (pre-engineered metal building) building which was advertised as a design-build project. The building I received was actually a Corle Building, manufactured in Imler, PA. The reseller connected me with Sam Miller Construction to erect the building. I contracted with Sam directly.


Despite some initial confusion with the reseller, the Corle Building product itself is solid and well-made. Sam Miller and his crew demonstrated great knowledge and skill throughout the project. Here are a few highlights where Sam and his team excelled.

    1. Our concrete contractors placed the anchor bolts incorrectly. Sam recognized this issue immediately and worked with us to drill out and install new anchors for a small change order fee and minimal delay.

    2. Some parts were not delivered correctly by Corle. Sam leveraged his relationship with Corle to ensure the replacement parts were delivered promptly, thus minimizing delays and keeping the project on track.

    3. My building includes a mezzanine, and a few tabs on the uprights for the cross members to meet were welded incorrectly at the factory. Sam and I collaborated to find a local welder, and Sam directed the welder to relocate the plates, ensuring the project continued smoothly.

    4. Although I informed the reseller that I wanted the building insulated, it was not anticipated properly in the initial plan. Sam suggested using Tyvek wrap and installed it in preparation for the insulation. I hired a spray foam insulator, and Sam’s crew sold materials directly to me and later returned to install steel lining for the interior within their quoted budget.

I am very pleased with my building, and this is largely due to the exceptional service provided by Sam and his Sam Miller Construction's experienced crew.

- Matthew Regan

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